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November 11 & 12, 2017 • 10am-5pm
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Joy Bridy • Joy Bridy Pottery

Phone: 304•876•0750
Email: joybridy@yahoo.com
Website: www.joybridy.com

Joy’s ceramic work combines her love of nature and her love for cooking good food. Her wood fired functional pottery is made for every day use, and speaks of the beauty around her, from trees to water, trail to river.

“The urge for my own studio space and smokeless bourry box wood kiln brought me to settle in this vibrant community with a long history of handmade and home grown. My time is spent creating in clay, teaching in my studio and community spaces, networking with the larger community of artists and naturalists, walking and hiking the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers with my pooch…creating the balance between studio work and community building that I love best.

Joy began learning about clay during her undergraduate work at Indiana University, continued eventually with a mentor in Pennsylvania, then traveled coast-to-coast to learn more. Her current passions include studying as a Master Naturalist, and exploring uses of local clay dug from her own property.

Her work can be found in regional galleries and shops, as well as at her studio.