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Bridget Brown • Bridget's Farm Cart

Phone: 703•999•3363
Email: bbridget@comcast.net
Website: fiberflock.com

Bridget raises sheep for fiber, and uses her fiber to make animals and fiber paintings, as well as hand-spun yarns. After moving to a Middleburg farm in early 2011 and accumulating a variety of fiber sheep, Bridget developed her skills as a spinner, weaver and needle felting artist. She now utilizes all of her animal’s fiber to develop rich works of art and lovely spun yarn. Two years ago she purchased a farm in Summit Point, WV, moved her flock of fiber sheep, and established a wool shop where she sells her paintings, yarn, roving and fleeces from her sheep.

“I cherish my flock of sheep and love working with their wool in a variety of different ways, with each final product suited to their particular fleece. I get a kick out of looking at one of my pieces and saying ‘Oh, Marge and Aidin helped me make that.’ Each rich texture and varied color of a particular animal inspires a creation, and each sheep is nurtured with love and respect while providing daily entertainment for me.”