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November 11 & 12, 2017 • 10am-5pm
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Bruce Fransen • Bruce Fransen Creations

Phone: 301•524•2440
Email: brucefransen@gmail.com

Bruce makes hand carved wooden vessels and sculptures using hand-held machines and simple hand finishing techniques. His process uses reduction carving (starting with a piece of wood and "chipping" away at it). He generally starts with a log and a chainsaw, and then uses grinders, sanders, and other hand tools. His pieces are highly polished to highlight both grain and smoothness.

“There are treasures within wood. Some of these are more obvious than others. Similarly, there are treasures within each of us; some more accessible than others. It is the discovery and nurturing of these, combined with the endless possibilities of form, that are the essential ingredients of my artistic stew. My mission is to continue to develop the skills and insight necessary to bring the beauty and surprise encountered in the sculptural process to the spotlight of refined completion. The process is my joy, and hopefully the product will be a joy to others."

Bruce is a self-taught sculptor who developed his eye while looking at trees as part of his tree care business. He started watching other artists, and eventually honed the techniques that he uses regularly, making each piece of wood that passes through his hands unique and compelling. He is also a member of Tamarack: the Best of WV.