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Eric Johnson • Southwood Farm Forge

Phone: 304•876•7080
Email: enjblacksmith@frontier.com

Ruggedness, character, utility, grace and symmetry are Eric Johnson's favorite descriptions of hand-wrought (forged) iron and steel. This age-old tradition, combining beauty and utility, is the way of life at Southwood Farm Forge.

At 8 years old, his father had a broken fork, so he took Eric into the forge and said ‘let’s make a fork.’ They used a forge to make a new one, and planted the seed to make useful hand-forged work.

While Eric’s favorite part of the process is to see his work in the hands of an admirer, using it in their house or in their fields, the process of heating steel and iron, smashing and beating it into objects, continues to fuel him. His work can be seen on farms and in homes across our region.