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November 11 & 12, 2017 • 10am-5pm
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Thomas McGarry • The Birnam Wood Joinery

Phone: 304•728•0373
Email: tominwv@hotmail.com

Tom McGarry brings to furniture making the same eye for detail he used in the study of Colonial and Federal period artifacts as an archeologist. Each table, bed or case piece made at The Birnam Wood Joinery is authentic in design, yet expertly adapted to modern living.

While Tom is willing and able to restore antique furniture, his real pleasures come in creating something unique that pays attention to the wood as well as the functionality of the piece. His workshop is full of historic hand tools as well as woodworking machinery, and while he loves to cut wood, he’d prefer not to cut across the grain. He also has all 10 of his fingers (barely), which says a lot.