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Ren & Pam Parziale • Sycamore Pottery

Phone: 304•725•4251
Email: pamo.ren2@gmail.com

Ren & Pam Parziale have been making functional stoneware pottery for over 40 years at their Sycamore Pottery studio. While Ren enjoys throwing bowls and firing the kilns, Pam prefers to throw pitchers, and also completes much of the finishing and brushwork, making this a truly dynamic duo. Their work has traditionally been fired in their ‘car kiln’ gas kiln, and in their various gas salt kilns, and in the last few years they have been adding more electric fired majolica wares, inspired by their travels to Italy. Their handmade functional pottery make cooking and serving a pleasure.

“I believe that when you see an idea, you should steal it,” says Ren. His inspiration comes from travel and the world around him, as well as the long history of ceramics and handmade functional objects.

“You should not have to look at the signature at the bottom of the pot to tell who made it,” says Pam, who focuses on delicate and distinctive brushwork.

Pam learned ceramics from studying with European trained potter Vally Possony, and Ren learned from watching people like him work in studios. Both have extensive experience in their field, and continue to explore and push the boundaries of their trade.