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November 11 & 12, 2017 • 10am-5pm
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Susan Shildmyer

Phone: 304•229•6953
Email: seshildmyer@gmail.com
Website: www.esysknits.com

Susan loves the riot of colors which she translates into wearable art. Years ago, she realized that she loves to paint with yarn, and has been creating free-form wearables ever since. Her most expressive pieces evolve as she works on them, often without a finished plan at the beginning, letting the work change as she goes.

“Knitting satisfies two of life’s deepest needs, functionality and adornment. As with all crafts, knitting originated as a functional need to produce warm garments from readily available materials. When functionality is satisfied, a natural need of humans is to express and live in beauty. In today’s fast paced, throw away, society, people do not have the time nor do we need to make our own items. We purchase them with little personal investment. Thus, functionality is satisfied. But I feel the human spirit requires an expression of creativity to preserve its essence and to maintain harmony and balance.”

Susan’s works are heirloom pieces, all designed and made to last for many years.